Please forgive this heinous eyesore.


Do you know me?

Yo, so my name is SJ and this is my blog. LOSER (me not you- eh, you’re probs a loser too, no stress). Isn’t it ugly? I couldn’t do any better aesthetically so please cut me a break. I had a bad year. At least the font is not comic sans. For sure it’s in the sans family and definitely sans good taste but that’s fine. I chose blue cause it’s the most calming colour- fun fact, i hope you feel soothed cause my mental state is jarring.

Okay, so you either are here cause you a) know me and i told you about this, hiii friend xx b) know me and did one hell of a deep stalk to find me- impressive (did we date? you’re a creep) c) googled the lyrics to my favourite Immortal Technique song ***download his album*** and are wallowing in disappointment that instead of Tech you got me. I’m not that bad. I met him once and we’re cool. I did not get permission to use his lyric so SORRY and i’m poor so we’re good for intellectual property yeah? I can give you this site, it cost me $12 and my personal dignity.

xx SJ

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