Instalment II – Wherein our little heroine discovers sleep

Tales from the Tropics

Omg guyZ, praise be to any deity. I slept. No nightmares. Every day blogging is hard. It’s kinda like a diary but less complaining and more self-deprecating. I haven’t figured out my posting schedule. I haven’t figured out much yet. Oh I did get google analytics and that was a whole thing.

I got up at around 6am, to afore mentioned cock. Rooster! You creeps rooster!!! Where am I that this happening? I’ll explain later.

So before I left I was excessively writing and chain smoking and all round wreck. You may recall if you saw me in the last 6 months. Sorry! I do have some posts that I worked on before I left when I couldn’t be fucked trying to figure out the wordpress.

Okay! Well, im going to finish this cup of “native” coffee which is regular ground coffee and not instant. I love this term “native” it’s so weird and colonial. I’m still exhausted as fuck so I think my social commentary will exponentially improve in a few days. Please stay tuned. I need invisible validation. Maybe this will be my morning routine: black coffee, checking in with my anonymous followers (cheers to like the 4 people that probably read this, cousin Frankie- shout out!)…. Not going on social media. Omg the deep cleanse is so good. I’m gonna go for now. I reckon I need to section off this page to daily posts ie this random warbling and bigger musings on life. I’m really self-conscious about my punctuation. I’m going to google how to use a comma cause it doesn’t read well. xx SJ


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